Good Reads

Here I publish reviews of good reads I find related to finance and economics. This list is based on things I find entertaining. Some may help you, some may be things I just happen to like. No return in the stock market will outperform the value of a good read!



Fox On Stocks – Touches on companies we see everyday. A great blog to subscribe to for the everyday reader.

The College Investor – This is more of a personal finance blog than a stock picking one. Still has a lot of good information.

Ms. Cheat Sheet – Pretty candid investing blog. I recommend checking out her youtube channel as well, there are some hidden gems on there.

White Coat Investor – Targeted towards professionals who may have a little more discretionary investment money. It also factors in the professionals have a lot of student loans.

Solving Finance – Active blog with a wide array of fundamental finance articles, check him out!


Yahoo Finance – Although the yahoo finance interface is outdated, they do an excellent job of stitching together articles from all over the internet to bring up-to-date news. I recommend visiting this site daily!


The Traders Podcast – This podcast is designed more for Wall Street Warriors than Main Street Warriors, but they often touch on the psychological aspect of trading that is crucial to all investors.


The Ascent of Money – This book may be one of the quickest ways to develop a strong base in economics. A great read for everyone!

The Only Game in Town – This is an excellent modern read that goes into the current structure of central banks. An excellent way to understand how modern day banks are influencing the economy.

Liars Poker – Although this one won’t teach you anything about economics or trading, it is definitely an awesome read for anyone who is interested in what the high stakes trading world is like.